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Platinum Vendings Incorporated is a family owned and operated business, with the resources to accommodate small businesses/offices and multi chain establishments. Conducting business with us means that you, your business, and your customers will be prioritized and treated like family! We appreciate receiving feedback from all of our customers and clients. We take everything into consideration and prove that Platinum Vendings is the vending family you can count on for professionalism, reliability, and unmatched customer service.

Platinum Vendings Incorporated takes prides in providing unparalleled customer service within the vending machine industry. This is more than just a hobby for us, vending is our lifestyle. We don’t settle for mediocre – we aim for excellence in everything we do. We strive to keep our clients, and customers 100% satisfied with our services. Our high standards are noticeable in our product selection and vending machine equipment. We thrive on our ability to enhance businesses customer satisfaction and employee productivity in the workplace with the vast machinery at our grasp. Quality products and service is at our highest priority. Our machine are frequently cleaned and well stocked!

Platinum Vendings Incorporated at its core has one main goal. That goal is to enhance all of our client environments by providing vending machine services free of charge. Regardless if the establishments are waiting rooms, apartments, lunchrooms, barbershops, mechanic shops, schools, government facilities, etc.., we embrace the opportunity to make it more pleasant to occupy! We understand that hunger and the lack of accommodations for people on site can make any environment unpleasant to be in, which is why we are passionate in removing hunger as a barrier.

From all of us at Platinum Vendings Inc.,
We can’t wait to vend your snack cravings away!

Yes, our vending services are completely free! We have different sizes and types of machines that can acccomodate most establishments. Our experts will assess the location and determine which machine(s) are suitable. Establishments must be a legal entity, with a physcial brick-and-morter location.

Telemetry Hardware
- We have the ability to equip our vending machines with hardware that allows us to monitor its behavior 24/7.
Payment Types
- Our machines can be equipped to accept all major credit cards in addition to bills and coins. Depending on location we also have the ability to equip the machine with the ability to give back change in the form of bills as opposed to coins.
ADA Compliant
- We value all of our customers and we are happy to say that our machines meet the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design.
SureVend™ Technology or similar
SureVend uses special infrared technology to ensure that your products vend properly. If a selection doesn’t drop, SureVend detects the failure and tries again twice. And if for some reason it still won’t drop, consumers can select another product or choose to receive their money back.

*subject to availability

Yes, we do healthy vending machines! Our healthy vending machines are great for particular types of locations such as schools, recreation centers and gyms. We offer a variety of healthy snacks and drink options in all of our vending machines.

Yes, depending on the establishment we also provide Office Coffee Service (OCS) in which commercial equipment is provided and restocked as needed.

Furthermore, high volume establishment may qualify for a Micro Market setup in addition to vending machines.

During this unprecedented time, we are prepared with procedures to protect both ourselves and our customers.

All Platinum Vendings personnel are required to wear masks and gloves when servicing the machines. Moreover, the machines are cleaned both inside and outside upon each visit.

Family Owned & Operated

We Are Licensed & Insured

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

It's our target!

24/7 Machine monitoring

On Selected equipment

Sample Products Offered

We offer a wide range of products and are continuously adding more. This visual is a mere fraction of what we offer!

YES! WE DO HEALTHY VENDING MACHINES! Healthy vending machines are great for particular types of locations such as schools, recreation centres and gyms. We offer a variety of healthy snack and drink options in all our vending machines.

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Machines / Services

Photos are a visual representation of each product category and are not intended to be the actual machine/setup that each client will receive. All categories are subject to availability. Although rare, some models/setups may be unavailable and clients will be placed on a brief waiting list as we replenish. Thank you for your understanding!

Benefits Of Vending Machines


Our machines provide establishments with a convenient way of obtaining food and beverages quickly. Thus allowing their customers to stay on site, and providing employees a quick way to grab a treat and get back to work!


Our prices can not be beat, our services are 100% FREE to your establishments! We do not charge for machines, delivery, maintenance, stocking, etc!


We stand by what we say and we always provide quality service. Rest assured that our vending machines will always be stocked and operational!


We built Platinum Vendings around the fundamentals of professionalism and we value this from start to finish! It is for this reason all of our representatives dress and speak professionally, and are courteous towards everyone on their route.


We pride ourselves in delivering phenomenal services to each establishment! Our team monitors each machine performance daily and always aims to exceed customer satisfaction!

Safety Standard & Operating Procedures

All machines provided are cleaned inside and out upon each visit by our representatives. Personal protective equipment are worn when entering establishments & restocking machines!

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